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What we do?

  1. To promote unity, friendliness and love among the Yorubas in Nigeria and in the Diaspora irrespective of political inclination, creed or sex.
  2. To cherish, uphold and project the honour and dignity of Yoruba culture, language and tradition in Nigeria and the Diaspora
  3. To create avenue for a social and cultural interaction among the Yorubas and other nationalities.
  4. To encourage and nurture our children and youth to imbibe the Yoruba culture, honour and tradition.
  5. To support the educational development and economical empowerment of Yoruba community in Nigeria.
  6. To enhance the provision of full access to education and resources about Yoruba language and culture to all sundry through the media.
  7. To work with other organization within and outside Nigeria that share our similar objectives and goal.
  8. To establish a presence in motherland to facilitate home-based activities.