PROGRESSIVE PEOPLE OF YORUBALAND WORLDWIDE ASSOCIATION,in her efforts to empower our society through the provisions of needed tools and equipment that enhance bussiness output,paid a surprise visit to one of the women on our list with materials needed to advance her business and economy. The donation is a part of our efforts to redefine the narratives of poverty embellishing our fabric existence. PROGRESSIVE PEOPLE OF YORUBALAND WORLDWIDE ASSOCIATION is strongly committed to assisting the less priviledge and the weak members of the society. You can wipe off the tears in someone else face, you can put smile on someone else cheeck and be a pillar suporting the fallen roof of someone”s life. Donate to: ACCOUNT NAME: PROGRESSIVE PEOPLE OF YORUBALAND WORLDWIDE ASSOCIATION. ACCOUNT NO 012295091. BANK NAME: WEMA BANK. WEBSITE TEL: +4915218385333

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