PPY Worldwide Visits Ibarapa Town, Treats The Sick, Donates Food Items,

An official Educating People of Ibarapa on how to take good care of their Health

1 thought on “PPY Worldwide Visits Ibarapa Town, Treats The Sick, Donates Food Items,”

  1. In acknowledgement of the progressive works of progressive people of Yorubaland association, we as the indigen of Yorubaland give kudos to a weldone job of these body of individuals who deemed it fit to establish such a philanthropic organisation such as this. It is our believe that God will continue to uphold this institution.
    Our purpose of communicating you is in consideration of the ongoing situation in Nigeria, as a group of individuals donating and contributing in kind and cash to alleviate the poverty in our community. We are now imploring you to extend your arms of assistance to the people of Odo-Ona along Apata off Abeokuta Road. Our people in the area are suffering – base on the impart of partial closure of activities in Oyo State.
    We believe that your urgent response will go a long way i.e food items. God will bless you.

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