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Membership are open to all people of Yoruba descent living in and around Nigeria and individual by virtue of marriage and/or through nationalization.


Right of Membership

To participate in all meetings of the General Assembly and in all her activities.

To vote and be voted for provided he/she has fulfilled his/her financial obligation to the Association.
Members shall have the right to be heard on any matter that may always be before the Association and the right to be treated with dignity and respect, notwithstanding whether the member’s opinion is popular or unpopular, deemed right or wrong by other members.

Terms of Admission 1

A qualified individual who wishes to become a member of this Association shall submit an application for membership, pay required none-refundable registration fees and dues as stipulated.

Terms of Admission 2

Accept and commit to uphold the constitution of the Association.


Any person interested in Yoruba language, culture and her heritage shall be eligible to apply for or be giving an Honorary Membership.


The general meeting shall take place once every month with an official invitation by the executive council and least a (2) weeks notice stating the agenda, time and place of the meeting.   Decision shall be convened by simple majority of the registered members present at the general meeting with the exception of the ratification and/or amendment of the constitution where two-third majority of the member is necessary.