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  • I searched for words to frame the emotional asymmetric assemblage,configured by post traumatic experience observed after my contacts with this family. The pains, shame and rejections made manifested by the health challenge experienced by Taiye Aberejo and her parents are heartbreaking and heartache adventure. At 9 years of age, Taiye had dined and wined with series of unpleasant life experiences. She,from birth is a thousand miles apart from luxury and comfortable lifestyles whose life’s experiences became further masked with further pains brewed by her inability to make use of her anus. Instead, a surgery was made to create an opening where excrement comes out uncontrollably. This predisposed her to constant stinking and unfavorable odours. Her mother was unable to raise the needed funds to undergo the reconstructive surgery and later died. From thereof Taiye Aberejo had been in the care of her father’s parents. In a society where Ghanamustgo bags exchanged hands on a daily basis. In a society where religious leaders are more interested in private jet and not in the private lifes of the masses. Where politicians are more interested in a thousand bags filled with a tin cup of rice each and not in the welfare of the electorates. Let put smiles on the faces Taiye Aberejo and her family. Donate towards her reconstructive surgery to PROGRESSIVE PEOPLE OF YORUBALAND WORLDWIDE ASSOCIATION ACCOUNT NUMBER 0122953091 WEMA BANK PLC

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